Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Participant activity

The Galgael workshop in Fairley St continues to be a hive of industry with available bench space constantly sought after. Visitors are always taken aback by the site of so many people working away on various wood projects and by the atmosphere of creativity and community around the benches.

Well done and thanks to all the latest group of participants who have just completed the Navigate Life course and who received their belated bag of tools last week. They were good enough to hold back till we got through our recent funding difficulty, many volunteering for us through a very busy summer. Special congratulations go out to Brenda on receiving her tool kit.


Blogger AnnaMaria said...

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19 August 2011 at 07:31  
Blogger AnnaMaria said...

you are doing a wonderful job helping my best friend

19 August 2011 at 07:32  

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