Thursday, 11 December 2008

GalGael Ceramics

GalGael have recently opened up a small but expanding ceramics and pottery area thanks to volunteers Luis and Norrie. Luis, who has just completed our Navigate Life course, has valuable skills to bring to GalGael as a volunteer and working with clay is a very accessible medium for anyone to get involved in. Hopefully we will be seeing a small range of Galgael products coming out of the kiln in the near future.
My Box

My box took two months to build. I am pleased how it turned out. It took a lot of patience to put together. I am very grateful to the staff for their help. I have learned new skills in the process. The box is now home, proudly placed at the bottom of my bed. It will be used to keep towels in.
The idea of building the box came to my mind because I was fed up with my nephew’s toys lying around my room floor. The box would come in handy to keep them in. I chose oak wood to build with as I had a different design from the others. The box is about 4 foot long, 2ft wide and 2.5 foot high. I finished it off with oil. It turned out quite a smooth surface. The most frustrating bit was when I was making the corner poles for the sides to slot into.
To see something I had started in life finished made me feel good inside.
Thanks to GalGael as they have helped me get my life back on track.